Yael Claire (SPIRITWO) + IBO + Charlie Cawood

Covering Bjork’s OCEANIA in a Middle Eastern flavour.

Hackney Citizen Review byZygmunt Day 11 August 2012http://hackneycitizen.co.uk/2012/08/11/bjork-oceania-spiritwo/

Single Review in AAAMusic: http://www.aaamusic.co.uk/2012/08/20/spiritwo-oceania/

read more:http://spiritwo.com/oceania-cover-bjork/

Middle Eastern Musicians from London Cover ‘ Oceania’ – The Song Bjork Sang at the Olympics in Athens 2004.



Yael Claire (SPIRITWO): All Vocals, Arrangements, Production, Mixing

IBO: Live Darbuka Beats and Percussion Arrangements

Charlie Cawood (SPIRITWO): OUD strings & Saz strings

Nazir Tanbouli: Mural Work ‘The King’s Land’ in Kingsland Estate 2012

Amir Shoat: Sound Engineering & Mastering


Yael Claire : Direction & Animation

Jon Bagge : Animation, Editing & Effects

Tal Lotan & IAC SCHOOL Tel Aviv : Camera & Tripod


As the Olympic games will be held a mere 15 minutes from my house in Hackney,  I thought I must do something artistic relating to it …

Bjork’s 2004 performence in the Olypmic was the PERFECT excuse to cover the special song she sang in the Olympics back then – a song called ‘Oceania‘ from her Accappella Album Medula - one of my favorite Bjork Albums.

My idea was to combine my vocal work with Arab beats, flavoring Bjork’s song with the Middle Eastern passion of Israeli immigrant such as myself.

I asked my friend IBO, a Palestinian musician, to give the song original Arabic beats from traditional Arabic songs using the Darbuka (Tableh) percussion drum. He surprised me by recording additional beats with another friend from Syria, Using other samples to ‘amplify’ the Arabic beats.

Charlie Cawood , who is the guitarist of SPIRITWO , who also plays in a Turkish Folk band ‘Opaz Ensemble’ amongst many other projects, recorded the middle eastern OUD String instrument together with great Touches of the Saz String instrument.

The Painter Nazir Tanbouli, originally from Egypt, who has just completed a big mural installation in Kingsland Estate next to my house was another ideal partner, and his beautiful work is included in the video for the track.

Sound engineer Amir Shoat, originally from Israel, helped me with the recordings & mastered the track.

All of us were using our D. I .Y skills & home studios,

The result is a landscape of sound that describes my life and my history:

Where Punk Rock attitude , Electronica, and Middle Eastern musical tradition meet.

…And also a reflection of the current mixture of cultures that co-exist in friendship here in London, where I finally connected with other musicians from the Middle East.

I would like to dedicate this song toall of them:  Ibo from Palestine, his friend from Syria, Nazir from Egypt, Charlie Cawood from England and Amir from Israel who helped me create this song.

The Animation for the Video was directed and animated by myself, together with help from friends. I thought to experiment with stop motion keeping costs at minimum and making a video that will be creative and fun:)

The first part of the Animation was shot in Tel Aviv – as the song is called ‘Oceania’ I just went to the beach with a camera!!

I used my stop motion tricks to create a journey from the beach in Tel Aviv to London’s Regents Canal, passing through some of the exciting street art, and including the great mural work by Egyptian Artist Nazir Tanbouli, who created a huge installation work in The Kingsland Estate that is about to be demolished this summer, capturing the old charm of Hackney, before it will transform completely into another nice, clean and rich part of town…

… I really enjoyed doing this,

Yael Claire



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