September was busy –  2 Solo shows in Tel Aviv Night Club ‘Radio EPGB’  & Levontin 7 -and a Full Band gig with Spiritwo’s old band members, which was great fun! News Papers Write ups,  and the first ever NATIONAL RADIO PLAY for the single SOUL MATE on AMAZING RADIO by CHARLIE ASHCROFT, and… new Videos (SOLO LIVE) by Photographer Natisha Shpaner (see videos page). [facebook][/facebook] FREE DOWLOADS Celebrating our National First Debut at Amazing Radio: SPIRITWO page on AR includes single ‘Soul Mate’  Plus free Band Versions: Listen and get the free music! AMAZING RADIO Audition’s Show with Spiritwo’s review by Tom Cotton could be listened here:ENJOY!! It feels rewarding, and on October SPIRITWO band will work on new songs for shows, until Halloween’s performance with SLAPPER!

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